Monday, July 12, 2010

Bach Flower Essences - are they effective?

by Lorraine May, MA

For decades the Bach Flower Essences have been used alone, and in conjunction with other treatments, to heal. Yet, you will still hear people express doubt about their efficacy. Some people simply will not use anything but traditional approaches, and that is certainly their choice. But others have tried BFR and have been disappointed. I would like to point out some common misunderstandings that I have become aware of.

I will focus mainly on the use of Rescue Remedy, the five essence combination used for emergency situations, because it is the most widely known. An emergency situation, by the way, can be anything you deem one - from a car crash to fear of public speaking. The traumatic physiology of your body is present, whether you are mentally judging it as irrational or not! RR works exceptionally well along with the other appropriate emergency treatments one may require.

One problem area is with the dose. The information is generally shared in this way: ‘The standard dose for Rescue Remedy is four drops. Put it directly on your tongue, put it in a beverage, put in your dog’s water.’ Simple, isn‘t it? Yes, but this is only partial information. Four drops of RR can, and should, be repeated every 10 minutes or until a change is seen. The vibrations of the plant essences need ample time and dosage to harmoniously influence the body’s energy, thus raising the vibration and reinstating calm.

Usually, the subject will clearly demonstrate the exact amount of time and dosage necessary! For example, when I found a finch, stunned by a car and left in the highway, I held her in a paper towel, administering one drop of RR (for small animals) every now and again for about 20 minutes. With each drop, she responded by swallowing and moving a little more. I kept administering one drop over and over again to her beak, until finally she stood up, looked at me, and flew off to the top of a tree.

In contrast, a baby robin I found recently, needed two days of RR, before alerting me that it was her time to fly again. Initially, she received RR straight from the stock bottle, and then diluted in water, along with a safe place to rest away from curious cats, dogs, foxes, coyotes, etc. She flew first onto my finger and then a fair distance away, hopefully to join her family and fully recover from her fall into my yard.

Additional treatment was required following the appropriate use of Rescue Remedy, in the case of a beautiful black Lab completely down with bloat. I constantly administered RR directly into her mouth while waiting for a stretcher. She regained strength and focus before her successful surgery, communicating to me with her knowing and grateful eyes.

Another common misunderstanding is that RR will be a panacea for whatever ails. Too often, people stop before investigating the other 38 individual essences, each of which has a specific focus and vibratory effect, as well as a powerful indication for underlying issues and long standing problems. Relying solely upon RR will inevitably bring disappointment.

My final success story is a small snake (I have many who live under my deck) who had the misfortune of being slightly puppy-handled by one of my foster dogs in our yard. After carrying the snake to a safe spot, I realized that he wasn’t moving at all. Was this his defense or had he expired? I ran for my RR. I administered drops near his mouth and along his body, not really sure what was the best approach. Still, he did not give any sign of being alive. I left him to recover after I had done all I could. When I returned a short time later to check on him, he had crawled away, hopefully to sun another day.

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