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Monday, November 29, 2010

Why Misha May and most rescues conduct a thorough check on potential adopters.

This is why Misha May Foundation does a thorough check including a home visit, and charges a reasonable adoption fee which doesn't allow for profit in re-sale. Seems labs will pay about $300 for homeless animals which can also include stolen pets that they will use in experiments!

This is the type of person we are warning you about when we say don't give away animals for free or post them on craig's list:


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ways to help Misha May animals

Ways to help the animals:

Monday 11/29 eat at Mimi's in Lakewood - 15% donated, 12/4 Santa Photos at Murdoch's in Littleton and Mouthfuls in Denver, 12/11 Santa Photos at Petco in Englewood.

Throughout the holidays, shop for our adoptables at Pet Station's Holiday Tree and visit the new virtual shelter. Looking for foster homes and loving adopters!!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pet Station's Holiday Tree for Misha May Foundation's Adoptable Animals

Pet Station's Holiday Tree for Misha May Foundation's Adoptable Animals

Visit Pet Station at 2300 S Colorado Blvd in Denver to see their holiday tree with ornaments for adoptable animals and their wishes for the holidays. Of course, each animal's first wish is for a forever home. If you can't help with that, then they are interested in treats and toys!

Both The Misha May Foundation and Good Samaritan Pet Center have animals featured on the tree. If you can't make it to Pet Station, check out their websites. You could make a donation through paypal or even mail something.

All of the animals thank you and wish you a wonderful holiday of whichever ones you celebrate at this time of year!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sensational Shepherds from The Misha May Foundation

Buddy, a 6 year old 100 pound German Shepherd mix, plays with and is entranced by, petite guest Heidi.

Heidi was adopted through Misha May several years ago when she was a few months old. Misha May rescued her from an animal control facility where she had been dropped off. Heidi had had a very tough beginning and was very fearful. Now she is a relaxed and happy girl in her forever home.

Buddy needs a very special home as he can get over 6 foot fences, has a very high predatory drive, and is a little anxious. Because he had full-blown separation anxiety, an adopter would need to work with Buddy's foster for a smooth transition.

Buddy is an intelligent, handsome and lovable cupcake. Misha May rescued him from a shelter where he had been adopted out and returned three times. He was distraught and desperate and out of options. Clearly, like most animals, he had the resiliency and heart to come around, and is enjoying his life immensely.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Misha May's Moment for Mutts guests see their first Mile High Musical Ta...

Gail and Capri dance to "I Believe in Magic". It was magical! Dog and handler enjoy performing. Audience appreciates their skill and mutual devotion. If you ever get a chance to see this group perform, don't miss it!


Dont buy puppies Holiday PSA

Go to http://www.petfinder.com/ and type in the dog you want, including puppies. When you buy from a pet store, you condemn the breeding parents to a confined life of suffering and misery in a puppy mill. If you can't meet both dog parents, if you can't see where the puppy lives, if 'the sellers are so kind' they want to meet you part way - YOU HAVE SOMEONE DISREPUTABLE.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

No Kill Policy - the person in charge

When you donate to a shelter or rescue, remember this story. The person in charge has to be committed to saving all the animals, not going along with business as usual which includes killing a lot of them for mostly invalid reasons. If St Louis and many other cities can do it, why can't they all? That wasn't a rhetorical question – the blocks and the blockers in kill shelters need to be removed.


No Kill Policy At St. Louis Shelter Saves Over 1000 Dogs
From 1033 dogs euthanized in 2009, to just three in the last few months of 2010. St. Louis is reporting stunning numbers since the non profit Stray Rescue took over control of caring for stray dogs roaming city streets.

Margie and Sunny perform at Misha May Foundation's Moment for Mutts

Margie and Sunny dance to Baby Face.

Margie and Sunny, a team from Mile High Musical Tails, often wear costumes and utilize props, and today was no exception. We hope you enjoy their camaraderie and joi de vivre watching this video, as much as the audience enjoyed them at Misha May's 10 year anniversary celebration.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Misha May's Moment for Mutts hosts Mile High Musical Tails

The Misha May Foundation hosts Mile High Musical Tails at their 10th anniversary fund raiser A Moment for Mutts.

Donna and her dog, Mandy, dance to All the Way. They capture hearts as they perform ‘tootsie’ and ‘roll’ and many other challenging moves.
Donna and her dog capture hearts as they perform their beautiful routine.


Misha May Foundation's Grand Prize Winner at A Moment for Mutts

Announcing the Winner of Misha May’s Moment for Mutts Grand Prize Basket valued at over $2300 in certificates and services. Thanks to all of the Natural Awakenings magazine and Misha May Foundation donors. Terry and Lorraine draw Gabrielle's name and she accepts the prize.


Mile High Musical Tails perform at Misha May's Moment for Mutts

Mile High Musical Tails perform at Misha May's Moment for Mutts
Four teams from Mile High Musical Tails performed at Misha May's 10th anniversary event. Be sure to see all of the videos. Kathleen and her dog wowed the crowd with weaving and spinning and reversing. People were moved to tears!


Misha May Mutterings 11-19-2010

A Moment for Mutts report. There are still ways to help. Mimi's Cafe in Denver to donate 15% on November 29th. Two friends enjoy the sunshine.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Schwaub & Golightly Auctioneers liven up Misha May's Moment for Mutts

Schwaub & Golightly Auctioneers liven up Misha May's Moment for Mutts

It was great fun and fund raising, too, to have Jim, Judy, Del, Pam and Mary Ellen running a Live Auction for the first time ever at a Misha May event. We really appreciate their kind hearts and expertise. We learned a lot.


Misha May Foundation Executive Director and Founder Remembers Misha at A...

Misha May Foundation Executive Director and Founder Remembers Misha at A Moment for Mutts

Misha passed away 10 years ago and this event celebrates her legacy, The Misha May Foundation, which saves dogs at risk. Misha was at risk in the '80s when she was on her way to a shelter, but instead was rescued, making her home with Lorraine. Lorraine May considers what might have happened had Misha become homeless today in 2010.

Then May invited everyone present to become more informed regarding accepted cruel practices in industries which use animals for profit. She passionately stated that it was up to us, the animal lovers, to choose wisely and compassionately with our dollars in order to change these animals' lives.

Earlier, a delicious lunch of vegetables, quinoa, rosemary beans and salad had been served.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dahlia's Troupe performs at Misha May Foundation's Moment for Mutts

Thanks for an exciting performance. You helped make it a fun evening!

Dahlia performs at The Misha May Foundation's Moment for Mutts

Thank you Dahlia. We loved your preformance and are so glad you could share this evening with us.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Misha May's Moment for Mutts in 5280 Magazine

You can still get tickets or buy them at the door. Don't forget about the Grand Prize Basket worth over $2300. Email mishamayfoundation@gmail for details.

A Moment for Mutts Luncheon 5280 Denver's Magazine Since 1993
Calling all dog lovers to the annual luncheon for the Misha May Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to finding homes for shelter pups, especially at-risk dogs with behavior and medical problems. The luncheon will feature a silent auction, international belly dancer Dahlia, and the Mile High Musical Ta

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Misha May Foundation video features Mile High Musical Tails performance ...

Misha May Foundation video features Mile High Musical Tails performance at Tagawa Gardens

Mile High Musical Tails were well received by the crowd at Tagawa Gardens today. There were several numbers of Musical Freestyle, a dog sport in which a handler and their dog execute a choreographed routine to music. This video features a team effort.

If you would like to see them perform, join us at the Mercury Cafe on November 14th for Misha May's 10th Anniversary Celebration A Moment for Mutts. Tickets are $35 and can be purchased with the make a donation button at mishamayfoundation.org, by calling 303-239-0382 or at the door.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Don't miss Tagawa's Holiday Event - go Sunday Nov 7

Misha May Foundation video highlights rescues and artists at Tagawa Garden event

Don't miss the second day of Tagawa's Holiday event. Sunday, November 7 from 10-3. Fun, food, handmade gifts.


Misha May Foundation video highlights Hawkqwest at Tagawa Event

Bald Eagle, Harris Hawk, Barn Owl. All were at Tagawa Gardens Holiday Gift Show for People and Pets near Arapahoe & Parker Roads, in Parker, Colorado today. They will be there on Sunday, November 7th as well between 10 and 3.

Handmade gifts, Santa Photos, bake sale, food court, big dogs pulling little kids in wagons.

Come support Tagawa and the artists who support Colorado non-profit animal rescues.


Deb's Custom Critters donates to Misha May at Tagawa Event - Sun, Nov 7th too!

Deb is selling her beautiful Custom Critters, and taking special orders as well, at Tagawa's Holiday Gift Show for People and Pets near Arapahoe & Parker Rd in Parker, Colorado.

Each artist at the event donates a portion of their proceeds to a non-profit Colorado animal rescue. A winning formula for everyone involved.


Deb's Custom Critters donates to Misha May at Tagawa Event - Sun, Nov 7t...

Deb's Custom Critters donates to Misha May at Tagawa Event - Sun, Nov 7th too!

Deb is selling her beautiful Custom Critters, and taking special orders as well, at Tagawa's Holiday Gift Show for People and Pets near Arapahoe & Parker Rd in Parker, Colorado.

Each artist at the event donates a portion of their proceeds to a non-profit Colorado animal rescue. A winning formula for everyone involved.


Misha May Foundation at Tagawa Gardens in Parker - Sunday too!


The Misha May Foundation participates in Tagawa Garden Center's (Parker, CO) FREE Holiday Gifts for People and Pets Event, also happening on Sunday, November 7 from 10-3

‘Unique, one-of-a-kind, reasonably priced, so creative’ - those are some of the comments heard today about the handmade items for sale, from which each artist donates a portion of their profit to a non-profit Colorado animal rescue. This video depicts the jolly atmosphere filled with services like food, gift wrapping, ID tag engraving, Santa photos, singing and baked goods.

Come with your friends or family. Bring your dog. Meet and support the groups who watch out for the animals. Come and support the artists who care enough to share their earnings. Visit Tagawa Gardens, known for wonderful products, as well as their continuing support of the animal rescue community.

Stop by Misha May's booth, mention this video and receive a free collar cutie, magnet or key ring. While there, you can buy a discounted $25 ticket for the 10th Anniversary A Moment for Mutts, November 14 at the Mercury Cafe in Denver. If you can't attend, please buy tickets for the Grand Prize Basket valued at over $2300 in gifts and services - you don't have to be present to win. Visit mishamayfoundation.org for more details.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Misha May newsletter 11/5/2010

This weekend - free Tagawa event. Next weekend - Misha May's Moment for Mutts. Grand Prize Basket tops $2200 - you don't have to be present to win! Special suggestion for Bronco fans. What do Westword, Best Colorado Deals, Natural Awakenings, Mile High Dog and Locate Fine Art have in common?


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Misha May Foundation Volunteers Prepare for A Moment for Mutts, 10 year ...

A $2200 Grand Prize Basket, over 150 Silent Auction Items, a dozen Door Prizes. A Mercury Cafe Meal, Dancing Dogs and a Belly Dancer. Live Auction, Cash Bar and Rescue Success Stories. This sounds like an afternoon to remember. November 14th at noon. Tickets are still available at $35. You can help the dogs by buying tickets to win the Grand Prize Basket without even attending. 1 tx is $5, 3 tx are $10 and you get 10 tx for $20. Go to www.mishamayfoundation.org to use our make a donation button or call 303-239-0382.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Best Colorado Deal of the Week from Janet Simons, author of the Colorado Smart Shopper and veteran Rocky Mountain News shopping columnist

The Misha May Foundation, a local non-profit that helps rescued dogs overcome trauma-induced behavior problems, is offering Best Colorado Deals subscribers a $10 discount on tickets to its 10th Anniversary Moment for Mutts party Nov. 14th at the Mercury Café. The $35 tickets will be $25 through Nov. 5 if you mention you saw it here. For details on the celebration, go to www.MishaMayFoundation.org. To purchase tickets, hit the donation button at www.mishamayfoundation.org or call 303-239-0382 and offer your credit card number.

If you can’t make the party, catch the Holiday Gifts for Pets and Their People event at Tagawa Gardens, 7711 S Parker Road, Centennial, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 6, and Sunday, Nov. 7. Animal communicators will be offering sessions both days at $1 per minute, and artists and artisans will be offering photography, knitted and crocheted items, holiday decorations, scrapbooks, jewelry, paintings, woodwork and more to benefit the organization.

Direct to you from Janet Simons, author of the Colorado Smart Shopper and veteran Rocky Mountain News shopping columnist.

Spread the word about the great deals you've found at locally owned retailers by sending an e-mail to Janet@bestcoloradodeals.com, and go to the
www.BestColoradoDeals.com Web site to subscribe to the Best Colorado Deals newsletter. And don't forget to catch her featured deals each Friday on KUSA Channel 9's 4 p.m. news!

Natural Awakenings Magazine helps Misha May's Moment for Mutts

Thanks Natural Awakenings magazine for promoting Misha May's fund rasier Moment for Mutts on November 14th in Denver at the Mercury Cafe. This is our 10th Anniversary and we need your help to keep going strong.

Here is a link to the magazine's newsletter. Please support them and all of our great sponsors!


Mention NAmag for a discounted $25 ticket through November 5th!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Sudden Behavior Change in Your Dog Often Indicates Pain or Illness - Meet some terrific owners!

Dear Misha May Volunteers,

Thank you, in advance, for all you do for animals and for being here when my family needs you. I don't know where to turn!

Years ago, my daughter felt that a dog was being mistreated in her apartment complex. One night, she heard screeching and screaming that sounded like a person. She called the manager who helped her investigate. The dog’s family had moved out and left the dog behind. The dog was in bad shape and was snapping at everyone. My daughter knew that if she took her to a shelter she would have likely been put down.

We have had her for almost 3 years. We have worked hard to rehabilitate her. We have been through 3 rounds of obedience training and she is a little star at it. We had felt like she had come around. Unfortunately, out of nowhere, she bit my 10 year old son today. He was just walking by her on the stairs. I was following right behind him, so I saw that this came completely out of the blue and unprovoked. What do I do????

My son is distraught and crying because he thinks he is going to lose the family dog and it will be all his fault. My husband will not even think of keeping her here (as sad as it makes him feel) because he feels like it is choosing a dog over our son. I have to be honest with any future owners, but any future owner from Craig's List etc. doesn't have to be honest with me about themselves or aware of their limitations in dealing with a dog like this. If I take her to a shelter, info about her bite history will be the first question they will ask.

Please, please, please call me or reply back with advice.
Bless you and thank you!!!
Worried Parent

Response to Worried Parent from Lorraine May, Executive Director and Head Trainer:

First, let me say how wonderful it was that you took in this poor abandoned dog. She is probably traumatized from that experience and not completely over it.

ALL dogs will bite under the right circumstances. I'm not condoning, just saying that something triggered this bite. Most bites happen in this age group. In general kids scare dogs.

If it is truly out of the blue, you need a vet evaluation for possible pain or illness issues.

Please write back and describe the bite: where on the child, bruise, broke skin, stitches required?

You are correct about taking her to shelter - she would most likely be put down. You are correct about Craig's List - creeps follow that list for free animals to resell for experiments and fighting.

We have no foster homes open at this time. We have no facility unfortunately.

Here is what we can offer:
1) We do in-home behavior evaluations if you are in our service area. We can assess the situation and help you avoid a repeat.
2) We can post her on our website where potential homes are screened through application and home visit. You would have to keep her in the home or pay to board her.

Also I am letting someone know about this from her Breed Rescue group. Perhaps they will have an idea but I know they just took in many dogs from a puppy mill situation. I will let them know I would help with her rehabilitation.

Dear Lorraine,

Thank you very much for getting back to me and for supporting us through this. Saturday, after I emailed you, I took our dog into the vet to have her checked out for perhaps some physical cause to her aggression. Unfortunately, we found that she has advanced liver disease.

We have decided to keep her and treat her as best we can for as long as she is with us. Perhaps with treatment she will improve in temperament, but the vet we saw was not optimistic. Even if she doesn't improve, we are committed to giving her every chance possible and loving her through this next challenge in her life.

Thank you, and the Breed Rescue folks, for being there for people and animals like us. Your understanding support kept me from making a snap decision that we would have regretted forever.
Best regards

Lorraine’s response:

Thank you so much for updating us. Bless you. I know how scary it can be when the dog we know and love suddenly doesn't act like the dog we know and love! I'll forward your note to the Breed Rescue people as well. All the best to your family and pup - she's lucky to have you!