Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blanco, Charla and Tiger - star crossed, gutsy kitties!

cat kitten blanca
Blanco is the bravest of the three kitties, curious with a hearty appetite! Photo credit: Barbara Millman
Blanco, Charla and Tiger came as quite a surprise! Find out how their lives were saved in the story below.

The kitties say, "Please vote for Misha May Foundation Dog Training and Rescue for best Dog Training on Denver's A list. Did you know that they save spaces for foster dogs from any rescue or shelter to attend for FREE?"

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Tiger (left) and Charla, along with Blanco (above), were born on April 1st, April Fool's Day! Photo credit: Barbara Millman
Charlie and Mitzi were reunited, sharing a room in my house, and scheduled for their spay / neuter appointment after having been rescued by Misha May from a local shelter. I thought Mitzi's tummy looked swollen and mentioned that she might be pregnant. No one else thought she was, and it was difficult to see for certain as she wasn't interested in being handled at that time. I put a big comfy blanket in one of the crates just in case.
The day before their appointments, I went in to check on them and found them cuddled together in the 'birthing' crate for the first time. I thought to myself, how sweet, they really are bonded.
The next morning, Joan and I went to get them to take them
to Spay Today in Lakewood. Charlie came easily and I loaded him into the travel crate. As I was doing that, I heard Joan yelp, "Oh! Oh! Oh!". Pause. Then she announced, "We have kittens!" The first thing I said after "Oh! Oh! Oh!" was, of course, "I told you so!" They had been cuddling around the newborns I suppose.
Poor Charlie went to the clinic alone that day.
This bonded pair really wanted to be together and these kittens really wanted to be born! I have to say that I was going to have Mitzi checked anyway before leaving her to be spayed. Although babies are often aborted during spaying in service of lowering pet overpopulation, I am not in favor of that. I would have brought Mitzi home and let her birth her kittens. Just because the surrendering owners chose not to spay and neuter doesn't mean these cats should suffer yet more heartbreak.
Mitzi is a vigilant, wise and protective mother. Charlie is the model husband and father, solicitous to Mitizi and gently playful with the kittens.
All 5 are now up for adoption: fixed, up-to-date on vaccines, micro-chipped and FIV negative. Please help all of the members of this star-crossed gutsy little family find super homes!

Charlie and Mitzy, Lovers' Destiny

Mitzy, a 3 year old calico, and Charlie, a 2 year old orange tabby are available for adoption as a bonded pair.
story below
Charlie and Mitzy say, "Please vote for Misha May. Because of them, our lives were saved, we were rescued together and will be adopted together."
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The Story:
Feline Volunteer Joan went with me to pick up 4 cats from a local shelter where they had been deemed unadoptable. We put the two females in one room and the two males in another to avoid intermingling of intact animals. They were stressed, so we allowed them to hang out under blankets in separate crates. They came around quickly.
Charlie, a one year old intact orange tabby, revealed himself as quite the happy-go-lucky very well socialized clown. He was the first to interact with us and entertain us. Each time we left him to go into the adjoining all girls room, he would begin to vocalize.

Mitzy and Charlie with one of the 3 month old kittens, Charla.
It wasn't until Mitzy, a 3 year old intact very sweet calico, began to answer that we suspected something was going on. In looking at their paperwork we realized that they had been owner surrenders on the same day. I called the shelter to confirm my suspicions that they knew each other. When I learned that was true, I was horrified to realize that not only had they come close to being killed but that only pure dumb luck (or was it lovers' destiny?) had kept them together.
They are among the most bonded pairs I have ever met. They are both fixed, micro chipped, up to date on shots, FIV negative and available for adoption TOGETHER.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Alone Again by Lorraine May, M.A.

“Why is everyone in such a rush? What about my morning hike? Who wants to play ball? I would love some pets and a special treat. Hey, where did everyone go?” bemoans Augie, eyeing his beloved shark toy.


As the summer holiday comes to an end, family dogs are often negatively impacted by the long absences now necessary for their families to resume school and work. A summer of fun and togetherness ends all too soon for us. Imagine how abruptly it ends for this very social family member who has no idea why everything is changing.


Dogs can have a difficult time with dramatic rescheduling, especially when left alone for longer periods than normal. Some dogs are more sensitive than others due to prior abandonment, genuine attachment to family or general anxiety when solo.


The resulting behavior changes can be stressful for the humans as they manage a more complicated day, and frustrating for dogs as they try unsuccessfully to garner the usual amount of attention. Due to anxiety, a dog can lose his appetite or become depressed. Out of boredom, dogs may chew and bark. Less exercise can result in hyperactive homecomings or housetraining regressions.


To avoid creating a dog with ‘alone again’ syndrome, consider a mid-day dog walker, a dog daycare, lunch at home, or a play date with a friend. Associate your absence with an interactive toy, a stuffed Kong or a durable Nylabone. Try putting  four drops of Rescue Remedy in  your dog’s water each time you refill it and playing the soothing Through A Dog’s Ear CD.


If you can ease your dog into autumn with planned gradual separations and a strategy to help him feel secure and loved, the transition can proceed more smoothly for all members of the household.