Saturday, October 30, 2010

ONE MORE DAY - OCTOBER 31st - to buy your discount ticket to Misha May's Moment for Mutts at the Mercury Cafe in Denver on November 14th

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Misha May Foundation's Zeb, Twinkle and Valentino share a happy home!

Fun Fun Fun on this beautiful fall Colorado day, October 30, 2010. Zeb, the Golden Retriever, has been adopted since he was 1.5 years old and is now 11 years old. Valentino, the beagle mix, and Twinkle, the boxer mix, were born in a shelter. They went to a Misha May foster home at 2 days old along with their mom SuzyQ and their 6 littermates. Valentino and Twinkle live with Zeb. Their mom and all of their littermates found fantastic homes too.

Wild Birds Benefit from Misha May Foundation Kennel Cups

Not being able to afford a bird bath didn't stop us! The Misha May doggies donated their kennel cups to the birds for their drinking and bathing. They love dipping into the cups on the top of the fence. As you can see the birds have their own sanctuary in a fenced yard. The dogs are entertained in the adjoining yard, and help keep the squirrels out of the bird food (squirrels have food in the front yard), and the birds safe from neighborhood cats. Win- win-win, well, except for the cats.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Misha May's 10th Anniversary Moment for Mutts in Westword

Misha May's 10th Anniversary Moment for Mutts at the Mercury Cafe in Denver on November 14, will be featured in the Day and Night section of Westword during the preceding week.
Pick up a Westword, a Natural Awakenings and a Mile High Dog - our favorite mags!
Get your discounted $25 ticket by Sunday the 31st before the price change!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Heidi, adopted through The Misha May Foundation, loves reiki

Heidi was dropped off at an animal control as a 3 month old pup. They called Misha May Foundation because they wanted to get her help, but knew they could not adopt her out. Heidi seemed a likely candidate to bite someone as she had been pushed beyond her tolerance level. She was so terrified, that she had backed into the corner of the cage, growling and showing her teeth.

As you can see, Heidi has come a long way with time, love, patience and training from a great owner through Misha May's training programs.

You can set a reiki or behavior appointment through You can study training in the Understanding Dogs class or become Reiki Certified as an Animal Practitioner in January, 2011.

Amy, adopted through Misha May Foundation, receives Reiki

Amy had run out of time at a local shelter. Misha May agreed to pick her up and find a home for her. When we went to get her, she had tested positive for FIV. We took her to her foster and she was adopted very quickly by someone who only wanted one cat. FIV cats can live long and healthy lives. Amy landed very well and is doing great.

Amy is receiving a Reiki treatment from students in Misha May's Reiki Certification as an Animal Practitioner class at Doggie Pause in Englewood. For an appointment for your animal, email To become certified, register for a class beginning in January, 2011.

Misha May Foundation's adoptable Corky receives Reiki

Corky, a 4 year old neutered male cream tabby, is receiving a Reiki treatment from students in Misha May's Reiki Certification as an Animal Practitioner class at Doggie Pause in Englewood, CO. Reiki treatments for animals can be scheduled at . Certification classes will resume in January, 2011. Details can be found at

Corky is a super friendly, calm, easygoing cat. Since Misha May rescued him from a shelter where he had run out of time, he has never had a moment of unease - well, except when his dinner is late! He is truly a darling who would love to have his forever home soon, even though he can hang out, without worries, with Misha May until that happens.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

8 days left (Oct 31) to purchase $25 discounted tickets to our 10th Anniversary Moment for Mutts

Join us for our 10th anniversay - 8 days left for $25 discounted tickets to Misha May's Moment for Mutts in Denver Nov 14.

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News from The Misha May Foundation

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dog Dancing & Belly Dancing at the Mercury

Misha May Moment for Mutts at the Mercury in Denver on November 14th just got more exciting. Mile High Musical Tails will be performing. Dahlia, internationally respected belly dancer and instructor will also be performing.

Follow the link for more details:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rainy Day Dog Report from the Yard

Brinx, Yellow Lab x: Where's the tennis ball? Where is it? Who wants to play? Where's all the dogs? But seriously, who wants to play?

Buddy, 100 pound GSD: I'm allergic to rain. It makes me little and vulnerable. I have to hunch my shoulders and pucker my lips and close my eyes. I must hold everything as long as I can.

Flash, Border Collie mix: I peed. Now what? Since Shadow is cowering under the chair, I should go there. But look, Lorraine is in the yard; I should go there. Here, there. Here, there. I forgot to go and now we are going inside. Darn!

Shadow, 10 pound Chi x: I peed. isn't that enough?

Sierra, Yellow Lab x: I hardly notice the rain although I can't remember if I went to the bathroom or not because I am worried about the weird thing Lorraine is holding over her head.

Tara, Black Lab mix who used to be terrified of thunder, and wouldn't go out willingly in the rain, before it rained or after it rained: I had a job to do. I went out. I peed, I pooped, and I'm proud. See ya!

Teddy, Aussie-Border Collie-Chow-Rottie: What in the world is wrong with Sierra? Doesn't she realize that rain is ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-d stuff? Uh-oh, Lorraine has my leash. Let me just dig my heels in until she gives up. Whew, safety, until she tries again later, which I know she will.

Twinkle, little Boxer / Lab: I can't go out there. I won't go out there. I shouldn't go out there. I'll hide under this table and no one will see me. What is Valentino doing out there? Has he lost his mind? But anyway, I can't go out there.

Valentino, Beagle / Pointer: There's a stick I can carry. There's stuff to pee on. Where's Twink? Under the table? There's more stuff to pee on. There's the birds to look at. There's another stick. More stuff to pee on.....

Zeb, Golden Retriever: Rain, what rain? Where Lorraine goes, I go.
Lorraine, Foster: mudmudmudmudmudmudmudmudmudmudmudmudmud

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update from adopter on Misha May's Holly

Holly's story: Holly came to Misha May after Katrina. She was an owner surrender because the owner had nowhere to live and no way to care for her. She was adopted by a couple who subsequently divorced. Neither was able to keep her, so according to our contract, she was returned to us. Luckily, along came the current adopter. Holly is a great dog who found herself in some challenging circumstances. We are thrilled to see her living a great life.

"Here’s some pics of Holly with her bones. You can see that as soon as I took them out of the basket she was all busy checking them out. Thanks for the tip on playing games with her. She truly is an amazing companion. At 12 yrs old she is doing great with her joint supplements and arthritis pain managed."

"The reason we have ended up with soooo many bones is that I work long hours and so we try at least once a month or so on Saturdays to take her on a "fieldtrip" to the pet store. She loves it. And like a child in a toy store she gets to pick out a bone. In fact, she perfectly understands the words: road trip.....and bone...."

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Are you an Introvert in an Extroverted World?

Tuesday, Oct 12 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm in Lakewood, CO.

This class is for Introverts who want strategies, and information. If you have ever felt invisible, overwhelmed, shy, sensitive, or out of place, this class could be very helpful for you.

Email or call 303-239-0382.

Details at

Lorraine and Zeb Canine Freestylin' after 3 lessons!

It's only the beginning...

Our teacher, Sue, has us begin by using verbal commands and luring with a treat. This is perfect for us since we love the positive approach. Eventually, we'll stop using treats or hand signals, and come to rely on the verbal commands we are BOTH learning, like 'circle', 'rick', 'kick', 'lott', 'wiggle', and 'eight'.

It is really fun to spend this time with my beautiful 11 year old rescued Golden and see him enjoying himself so much. We may get smoother and more adept, but if we don't, so what? I'm in it for the time with him. But I do promise to practice and film again!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

California Pizza Kitchen Rocks

California Pizza Kitchen in Cherry Creek rocks! I just picked up a $200 check from Misha May's fundraiser there. Thanks Brooke, Eileen, Jenny, Joan, John & Susie, Terry, and everyone who ate there!

Great food! Pizzas, sandwiches, soups & salads. Many vegetarian and vegan choices. Definitely gluten-free choices as well although they aren't a 'guaranteed kitchen' which some folks require.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Misha May Foundation's Huck practices in the park

Huck is pulling his best friend Millie so that as she slowed down, she could still go on the walks too. Dad designed the pulling harness and wagon especially for them.

Huck was adopted 5 years ago and lives a great life. Recently, his sister Millie passed away. Millie was a great companion for Huck. Being older and more experienced, Millie often set the tone and led the way with skill and wisdom. Huck was deeply affected by this loss of guidance and acted out. In this video, his owner is practicing some techniques to help them stay calm in stressful situations.

They are creating space between them, and potential triggers by 'arcing'. Dogs begin to anticipate this 'game'. They understand that their owner knows they need help feelling safe in order to not react. When Huck hears "Let's arc" he knows to follow his owner to a safer, calmer distance. This relaxes him since he knows what to do.

They are also practicing moving and turning together fluidly. When Huck hears "Let's go" he knows that he will need to pay close attention to his owner because they may move quickly. And it will be fun!

Huck also knows that each time he voluntarily looks at his owner he will be rewarded. He is learning that instead of making bad choices out of fear or ignorance, he can depend upon is owner to guide him.

Huck's life before this home included abandonment, heartworm disease, and most likely being attacked by other dogs. He has hit a difficult time with the loss of Millie but his family is seeing him through.

Contact Misha May FIRST for training, so you won't need us for rescue later.

Update on Misha May Foundation's Roxi

I just wanted to give you an update on Ms. Roxi. She is a GREAT DOG!!!! We are so in love with her, I think she's quickly becoming accustomed to the spoiling. She is not only NO LONGER a flight risk (we can actually hold the door open and she just stands there patiently) she's even played with us (something I thought she was just too old to do, anymore.) She loves food and has a "bad" trash habit, if left to her own devices, but she could quite possibly be the world's PERFECT dog!!! (just don't tell Tutter... ;o) ) We are SO grateful to have her.... we love her SO much!!!!!

Jenifer, Sara and Elias

Volante Shakes at Misha May Foundation's Labor Day Picnic

Misha May Foundation Adoptathon at Englewood Petco, August 2010

Buddy, Teddy and Sierra received lots of attention thanks to volunteers Ann, Barbi, Diane, Doug, Jenny, Lorraine and Patricia!

Contact us FIRST for training so you won't need us later for rescue.

Classes and in-home behavior programs.

Misha May catches up with lucky adoptees Ginger and Blue, plus Sydney
Contact us FIRST for training, so you won't need us later for rescue.

Ginger, the shepherd mix, was adopted through Misha May 5 years ago, joining Sydney, the jester-faced Blue Heeler. She was extremely overweight, depressed and in pain. She acts and feels so much younger, and has a soft beautiful coat. It is wonderful to see the good care she has received, and to know she is enjoying her life.

Blue, the smaller Blue Heeler, joined the family about a year ago. He had run out of time in a shelter when Misha May rescued him. He spent almost 2 years with the organization while they worked on his anxiety and fear issues. He spent time in a boarding facility as well as several foster homes. Blue has settled in, smart dog that he is, and is enjoying the stress free life he always dreamed of. The Misha May video, "BLUE", was about him, but now he is home!

Misha May Foundation Benefits from Doggie Pause "Dogs on the Wall" fund raiser

Doggie Pause Dog Daycare, located on Acoma St in Englewood, CO, added another dog to their beautiful wall. Each year, clients may enter a contest to have their dog painted into a wall-size mural. This year, Henry was chosen - a touching tribute as Henry had recently passed away. On hand were some clients and their dogs, including Henry's people and his sister Sage. At the time of taping, there were only Golden Retrievers present, although, of course, on any given doggie daycare day, all manner of pure breeds and mutts attend.

The Misha May Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dog (and sometimes cat) rescue serving Denver. Call us FIRST for training, so you won't have to call us later for rescue.

Doggie Pause, is a well run dog daycare staffed by trained employees. They also have space for holiday baording.