Sunday, October 3, 2010

Misha May Foundation's Huck practices in the park

Huck is pulling his best friend Millie so that as she slowed down, she could still go on the walks too. Dad designed the pulling harness and wagon especially for them.

Huck was adopted 5 years ago and lives a great life. Recently, his sister Millie passed away. Millie was a great companion for Huck. Being older and more experienced, Millie often set the tone and led the way with skill and wisdom. Huck was deeply affected by this loss of guidance and acted out. In this video, his owner is practicing some techniques to help them stay calm in stressful situations.

They are creating space between them, and potential triggers by 'arcing'. Dogs begin to anticipate this 'game'. They understand that their owner knows they need help feelling safe in order to not react. When Huck hears "Let's arc" he knows to follow his owner to a safer, calmer distance. This relaxes him since he knows what to do.

They are also practicing moving and turning together fluidly. When Huck hears "Let's go" he knows that he will need to pay close attention to his owner because they may move quickly. And it will be fun!

Huck also knows that each time he voluntarily looks at his owner he will be rewarded. He is learning that instead of making bad choices out of fear or ignorance, he can depend upon is owner to guide him.

Huck's life before this home included abandonment, heartworm disease, and most likely being attacked by other dogs. He has hit a difficult time with the loss of Millie but his family is seeing him through.

Contact Misha May FIRST for training, so you won't need us for rescue later.

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