Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rainy Day Dog Report from the Yard

Brinx, Yellow Lab x: Where's the tennis ball? Where is it? Who wants to play? Where's all the dogs? But seriously, who wants to play?

Buddy, 100 pound GSD: I'm allergic to rain. It makes me little and vulnerable. I have to hunch my shoulders and pucker my lips and close my eyes. I must hold everything as long as I can.

Flash, Border Collie mix: I peed. Now what? Since Shadow is cowering under the chair, I should go there. But look, Lorraine is in the yard; I should go there. Here, there. Here, there. I forgot to go and now we are going inside. Darn!

Shadow, 10 pound Chi x: I peed. isn't that enough?

Sierra, Yellow Lab x: I hardly notice the rain although I can't remember if I went to the bathroom or not because I am worried about the weird thing Lorraine is holding over her head.

Tara, Black Lab mix who used to be terrified of thunder, and wouldn't go out willingly in the rain, before it rained or after it rained: I had a job to do. I went out. I peed, I pooped, and I'm proud. See ya!

Teddy, Aussie-Border Collie-Chow-Rottie: What in the world is wrong with Sierra? Doesn't she realize that rain is ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-d stuff? Uh-oh, Lorraine has my leash. Let me just dig my heels in until she gives up. Whew, safety, until she tries again later, which I know she will.

Twinkle, little Boxer / Lab: I can't go out there. I won't go out there. I shouldn't go out there. I'll hide under this table and no one will see me. What is Valentino doing out there? Has he lost his mind? But anyway, I can't go out there.

Valentino, Beagle / Pointer: There's a stick I can carry. There's stuff to pee on. Where's Twink? Under the table? There's more stuff to pee on. There's the birds to look at. There's another stick. More stuff to pee on.....

Zeb, Golden Retriever: Rain, what rain? Where Lorraine goes, I go.
Lorraine, Foster: mudmudmudmudmudmudmudmudmudmudmudmudmud

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