Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sensational Shepherds from The Misha May Foundation

Buddy, a 6 year old 100 pound German Shepherd mix, plays with and is entranced by, petite guest Heidi.

Heidi was adopted through Misha May several years ago when she was a few months old. Misha May rescued her from an animal control facility where she had been dropped off. Heidi had had a very tough beginning and was very fearful. Now she is a relaxed and happy girl in her forever home.

Buddy needs a very special home as he can get over 6 foot fences, has a very high predatory drive, and is a little anxious. Because he had full-blown separation anxiety, an adopter would need to work with Buddy's foster for a smooth transition.

Buddy is an intelligent, handsome and lovable cupcake. Misha May rescued him from a shelter where he had been adopted out and returned three times. He was distraught and desperate and out of options. Clearly, like most animals, he had the resiliency and heart to come around, and is enjoying his life immensely.


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