Thursday, March 4, 2010


need adopted and fostered

Every now and again The Misha May Foundation takes in cats under special circumstances. You will be touched in particular by Amy, as you read below. Let us know if you are interested in adopting, or would like to give fostering a try.

Email or call 303-239-0382.

Pearl is actually a very soft gray, although she appears black in this photo. She is a 3.5 yr old spayed Domestic Shorthair. She is up to date on all vaccines and is FIV negative. She is calm and sweet, rode in a carrier in the car well and is curiously exploring her new surroundings. She likes being petted and immediately laid down to receive more! She would probably do well with another friendly cat. She is petite. We don't have any other history.

Clifford is a neutered 4 yr old Orange Tabby who is a very fit 17 pound cuddleboy. He is confident and very companionable. You can tell he is used to love - his owner fell on hard financial times and had to give him up. He is up to date on vaccines and is FIV negative. He rode well in the car and seemed fine with having new surroundings to check out. When I walk into the room, he comes to greet me. A fine boy who seems quite mellow and friendly.

Amy is a spayed 3 yr old blue & cream Calico who is up to date on vaccines. You can get a sense of how striking she is from this photo. She is very sweet and calm and very companionable. She jumps into your lap but also likes to explore.

She was declawed already (Misha May does not support declawing). The bad news is that she is FIV positive which means she is considered unadoptable by most shelters, and had to get out to a rescue who would work hard at finding her placement.

As I understand it, FIV is passed through bites between cats. The most common placements are as only cats or with others who have FIV. Although, there are some cat owners who confidently mix positive and negative cats, and report no problems.

The right person will come along. Of that I am certain!

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