Friday, March 25, 2011

Misha May's Grey puts his heart into playing!

Grey was rescued several years ago from a local shelter. He needed rare expensive heart surgery which neither his owners nor the shelter could/would provide. Fortunately Misha May was able to assemble a team of veterinarians and donors who made it happen.

Grey has been happily adopted for several years. Many of us see him and his family often.

Every time we see his beauty and grace; every time we see his happy life in a caring home; every time we think of what could have become of him - we are so grateful to have been a part of his story and others like it.

So many sweet animals find themselves in precarious situations through no fault of their own. The answer is not to dispose of them in shelters but to work harder to get them the medical care or behavior training they need to live within human society. Misha May's goal, through rescue and education, is to render the shelter system unnecessary, except for its founding purpose, which was to reunite lost dogs with owners. And every now and again there might be a truly dangerous dog who is a public menace.......every now and again, not daily.

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