Saturday, April 9, 2011

Misha May Foundation Training: Samson guards his food #3 - what about th...

Exercise Goal: To teach Samson that hands picking up his bowl are safe and also bring a treat. Samson sits and looks at Lorraine anticipating treats. Lorraine tosses cheese this time. Lorraine demonstrates how to throw a piece of cheese away from the bowl enabling her to pick it up without direct confrontation. Some dogs are sensitive about their empty food bowl or even the water bowl. There are many variations of these exercises to choose from dependent upon the dog, his issues and his level of aggression. Puppy Exercise Goal: To teach puppies right from the beginning that people around the food is a great thing. Lorraine has raised quite a few litters of rescued puppies for Misha May. She keeps feeding time fun and light by serenading them, and having more bowls of food than there are puppies. Puppies will naturally migrate from bowl to bowl and usually littermates are fine with the give and take, making space as needed. If growling or struggling occurs, Lorraine rains kibble into the bowl in question right in front of these puppies and sings-songs 'there's always enough' or something like that! The puppies relax and realize that everything is okay. It is a beautiful lesson for the rest of their lives.

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