Sunday, June 12, 2011

Misha May rescued littermates Ringo and Valentino reunite after 3 years

Ringo and Valentino did not say "Hey Bro, good to see ya." It wasn't clear to us whether they realized that they were brothers or not.

Ringo has more of a 'straight-on let's get going' lab playstyle, while Valentino is more reserved in the beginning until he knows a dog. Both boys like to hump and throw play bows when they get going.

The first encounter wasn't filmed. It did not go smoothly but was not a disaster. We gave them a break and then filmed this second meeting where they communicated better. Valentino seemed to become more confident knowing Ringo was not a threat, and Ringo seemed to tone down his play in response to Valentino's signals. LOVE these boys!

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