Monday, October 17, 2011

Letter to Potential Adopters with Invisible Fence

Dear Potential Adopters,

Thanks so much for your application and interest. Unfortunately, although you seem like good pet parents, we do not adopt to homes with invisible fences.

My own beautiful and perfect:) Golden came to me through his invisible fence still wearing the activated collar. Why would he have returned to his yard to be shocked again going in? His owners gave him to me - hurray!

The Misha May Foundation's rescue experience has shown us, to cite a few examples, that dogs escape through the fence if they are adequately motivated, that this punishment-based tool can make dogs anxious, that dogs are sitting ducks (prey) for any other animals (coyote, etc) not wearing collars, and that otherwise nice dogs bite nearby humans when shocked.

We know that sometimes the fences are successful without mishap, but we aren't willing to take the chance. We believe that if someone trains their dog to stay in the yard and they never get shocked, they didn't need the fence in the first place. If the dog gets shocked more than once or twice, this is more like abuse than actually learning anything. There is also a perceived false confidence, sadly proven incorrect, when an extremely interesting animal or person or smell goes by.

We recommend real fences although we know that some areas forbid those. We recommend living in dog-friendly areas that allow proper fencing. We recommend long leashes for play and companionship. We recommend long term off-leash training and 100% recall training for appropriate dog candidates.

Hope that was helpful,
Lorraine May, Executive Director
2011 Denver 7's A*List Best Dog Training - 5th Place!

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