Friday, March 15, 2013

You and Your Best Friend in Springtime Colorado

By Lorraine May, M.A.

Many dogs revel in the snow, but just as many eagerly anticipate springtime activities. So get out and enjoy your best friend in our amazing state! Planning ahead can be invaluable to the creation of a safe, sensational season.

Bugs and Blossoms

Talk to your veterinarian regarding seasonal health such as heartworm prevention. Licking paws is often a sign of an allergic reaction. Try wiping them with a damp cloth when returning from a walk to remove environmental triggers.  As temperatures increase, planning is essential so that our dogs aren’t waiting for us in cars which can become death traps within ten minutes.

Thunderstorms and Fireworks

Many dogs suffer during the stormy months. Those same dogs often suffer through fireworks displays. The Thundershirt can be an effective tool to calm the anxious dog. Playing the CD “Through A Dog’s Ear” and offering Bach’s Rescue Remedy on treats also can help.

Together and Separate

During vacations, our dogs grow accustomed to our continued presence. This can become problematic when we return to work. One way to avoid this is to be certain to have separate time every day. Accompany this time with a special treat or toy so your dog looks forward to your absence.

Walking and Hiking

In addition to a collar or harness, with current identification, a sturdy leash and waste bags, try taking yummy treats in a fanny pack. They come in handy for getting your dog’s attention or for creating positive associations with unfamiliar dogs, people or situations. And thrown over the head of an approaching off-leash dog, treats can direct him away from your leashed and perhaps apprehensive dog.

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