Sunday, February 17, 2013

Justice's Second Week in Lakewood

Justice loves his stuffy toys:)
Justice's Second Week in Lakewood 2-17-13
I'm happy to report that there has been more improvement for Justice this week. You can see in his photo that I've left the top off of his little crate and repositioned it so he has more space up front. Sometimes he is lying down there. His coat is improving and his eyes are less wary.
The most exciting news is that he licked cream cheese from the puppy kong WHILE I WAS HOLDING IT! He stopped after a few licks so I placed it in front of him to finish. I thought that was amazing progress! Am skipping a few days and then will try again. I don't want to put more pressure on him than he can take.
He also nose bumped a treat that I was holding in my hand. He wouldn't take it from me so I placed it in front of him. He ate it with me nearby, so I placed a second treat as a reward. He does eat what is in his crate in front of me if I put it near enough to him.
I leave the door to his big crate open as much as possible. I want him to watch me and hear the noises of the kitchen. When I'm not in there, I want him to wander and explore.
Pee pads are inside and outside his crate but he is choosing the ones outside his crate in the kitchen. He is feeling braver and coming out more often. Even though I have not yet seen him wandering, I can tell from the gifts and missing treats. He eats every treat I leave in the kitchen outside his crate. I'm sure I will see him soon and he will get used to that too.
He loves having his stuffy toys, a ball, and the little kong in his little crate. I can hear him playing around and see the toys strewn about before he collects them again:)
This week he made more noise. Justice has barked a few times and once I heard him howl for no particular reason that I could figure out. It made me wonder if he is calling for someone. He may not know for sure that his family was all killed if he wasn't witness to it or viewed the bodies. Poor baby.

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