Thursday, May 9, 2013

$2500 in matching funds available for Fleet Footed Flash's Medical Fund

$2500 in matching funds is available through a very generous Anonymous Donor who loved Flash very much! Please donate now and your donation is worth twice as much. So far we have raised $878 toward Flash's $3500 medical bill. Flash's full story below....

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Or mail a check to Misha May, PO Box 151166, Lakewood, CO 80215-1166.


I picked Flash up from a local shelter when he was just 6 months old. He was with Misha May Foundation Dog Training and Rescue until his kidneys failed and heFlash was mercifully euthanized in his foster's beautiful yard on April 20, 2013. Flash was always super smart and sweet, athletic and anxious. He was never lucky enough to be adopted but we cared for him until his time came because Misha May always believes that with enough time the right person will come along.

We are all devastated by his premature death. Although the exact cause of the kidney failure wasn't determined, it was discovered through x-rays and 3 days of emergency treatments that his kidneys were half the size they should have been. Many conditions were tested for and ruled out. Dr. Shelly Brown at Harmony and Dr. Liz O'Rourke of Animal Urgent Care, both in Arvada, gave him the royal treatment.

Even with their generous discounts as well as the discounted services of a surgical specialist, our bill is $3500. Once again we call upon you, our wonderful supporters, to help us. Please donate what you can toward his bill. I find it hard to ask yet again for donations following your generosity for Buddy and Reina. But as you know, we give each animal the chance they deserve and we hoped that because he seemed healthy and was so young, that he would pull through.

Flash was fortunate to have 2 foster homes which backed each other up. When Imara had to travel, he stayed with Barbi and Antony and their dogs. Flash and resident black Lab Libby were best buds. Flash was surrounded by these friends in his last hours.

When he was 6 months old, Flash's owners did not claim him when animal control called them, having found Flash roaming at-large and having taken him to the shelter. He was able to clear 6' fences and then play keep-away. He was deemed unadoptable by the shelter because this can be a difficult behavior to change and/or live with.

We thought Flash was a Border Collie mix, but we were never sure. We also wondered if he was part Husky because he loved to escape and cover ground. Someone thought he might be a Kelpie because he was intense.

Flash went from a highly anxious, fence jumper to a well-mannered lovable dude with the folks and dogs he knew and loved. I have to believe that he knew he was deeply loved with multiple homes and families. He will be waiting for quite a few of us at the Rainbow Bridge.

By the way, Flash lived with Buddy, the German Shepherd who passed away recently, at my house when they were both my foster dogs. Buddy had also been anxious and a fence jumper. Buddy was very kind to Flash and they were friends. I'm certain Buddy invited him to a fence-jumping championship on Saturday afternoon.

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