Monday, January 18, 2010

Rescue Remedy Works!

Bach Flower Essence RESCUE REMEDY
by Lorraine May, Executive Director

For decades the Bach Flower Essences have been used alone, and in conjunction with other treatments. Rescue Remedy, the five essence combination used for emergencies and stress, is the most widely known, although there are 38 essences.


Unfortunately, the proper dose is often misunderstood and, therefore, the remedy is not experienced as effective. The information is generally shared in this way: 'The standard dose for Rescue Remedy is four drops. Put it directly on your tongue, put it in a beverage, put in your dog's water.' Sounds simple, doesn't it? Yes, but this is only partial information. Four drops of RR can, and should, be repeated every 10 minutes or until a change is seen. Ample time is needed to reinstate calm.

Several successful cases follow:

Usually, the subject will clearly demonstrate the exact amount of care necessary as did the small bird in this story. I witnessed a car purposefully aim for a group of birds drinking from a puddle on a deserted mountain road. All but one flew away. Not knowing if she was dead or alive, I cradled her in a paper towel in my hand, administering one drop of RR (for small animals) every now and again for about 20 minutes. With each drop, she responded by swallowing and moving a little more, until finally she stood up, looked at me, and flew off to the top of a tree.

The bird in this story also recovered fully. For two days, I gave RR to a stunned baby robin I found in our yard. Finally she found the strength to move, and I knew she needed to return to her family and find food. I searched for a safe place to set her, away from curious cats, dogs, foxes, coyotes, etc. She decided on her own place by first climbing onto my finger and then flying a fair distance away. Immediately her family began calling to her and she answered. Later that day when I was in our fenced yard with the dogs, around 100 robins came and sat on our fence, looking right at me. I imagined they were acknowledging my act of kindness.

In another case, a beautiful black Lab was completely down with bloat when I found her in a local shelter where I was volunteering. I constantly administered RR directly into her mouth while waiting for the emergency help I had called for. She regained some strength and was able to focus her eyes on me the entire time. Her surgery was successful and she was adopted soon after.

In each case, Rescue Remedy retrieved the animal from shock and calmed them enough so that they could receive what they needed to recover. I keep a bottle with me all of the time, and don't hesitate to use it in stressful situations.

Easiest way to deliver this: 4 drops in the dog's water bowl each time you change it.

I always have a plain water bowl set out next to it as well. It is fascinating to watch the dog choose where to drink. If another pet drinks from the rescue remedy water, it will either help them, or not affect them.

Can be found at independent pet supply stores or health food stores.

Email Lorraine May, M.A. at for more information.

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