Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Separation Anxiety: Day 3 Slinky gets treatment with Misha May

For the first time, I was able to exit through the back door into the yard to check on my dogs while Slinky waited just inside. I threw a treat to Slinky and said ‘wait’ and she did. Not only that! When I came back in she wasn’t hovering at the back door as I expected but was in one of the bedrooms being curious. She was pleased to see me but not frantic.

I gave her treats, said ‘wait’, closed the kitchen door, and went down to get Teddy. She waited quietly while I took Teddy outside. The same was repeated when I brought him back in and also fed the cats downstairs.

The next time out, she went with Valentino. They greeted each other like trusted playmates and explored the yard. When they came in, he got a treat and she took her meds in the kitchen. While I am in this room typing, Slinky and Valentino are in the living room. They have been exploring. Now she is alternating between chewing on a tennis ball and investigating her adopter’s shirt. Intermittently they engage and throw play bows.

I am very pleased with her progress. There has been no triggering since she came that first evening. She is happy and relaxed and enjoying each moment. She is acclimating well to being distant from me physically as well as my not paying attention to her. She is waiting patiently and quietly when I shut a door between us.

It is 9:30am. Everyone has been fed and all is quiet. I am in the office with 3 of my dogs. Slinky is in the living room curled up in her bed on the floor. She is content to know that we are near.

10:30am Video #1 Slinky & Valentino in the yard:

Slinky and Shadow met and went outside together. Seems like a good match as they are about the same size.

I’ve also been leaving Slinky loose in living room as my 4 dogs go in and out. She has met each one individually and got acquainted over the room gates. So now she is part of the group inside.

When she is outside, she watches the bird and squirrel ‘sanctuary’ through our dividing chain link fence.

My afternoon rest time was on the couch with Slinky and Shadow, my 3 year old Rat Terrier. They are doing beautifully together.

Slinky went on her first car ride with me to the library to drop off books and Starbucks drive through to buy coffee beans. She was very calm in the back seat watching as I walked the short distance to the book drop. At Starbucks she was curious.

She spends time lying in her bed in a very relaxed fashion. She also played with a tennis ball and the clothing that her adopters left so she would have their familiar smells nearby. She seems very at home.

I spent the evening at home. Everything was very quiet as we read, watched a movie and hung out. Slinky is very relaxed and already knows the routine. I couldn’t be more pleased with her progress of transitioning into the program.

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